Here is a list of items you will need if you hope to succeed.

Fall Semester 2015

Drawing Pads

(1) Strathmore Bristol Board 300 series

20 sheets 11 x 14

(1) Strathmore Drawing Paper

24 sheets 18 x 24 Medium Surface


Stillman & Birn Alpha Series

8.5 x 11 Sketchbook


Piga Micron Pens : Sizes 05 and 08

Pentel Pocket Brush pen

Pentel Brush pen cartridges

1 set of 4 Faber- Castell Pitt Artist’s Pens –Black pigment


Speedball Pen Holder

Speedball Nibs : Size 512/513EF and Size 99/101



#2 Watercolor Brush Sable, Round (W.A. Portman & Co.)

(Available at Commercial Art Supply)



One fluid oz. bottles of Windor Newton Black Ink

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