Decorative Borders were commonly used for illustrated storybooks and posters during the late 19th and early 20th century. They often included intricate images from nature interwoven with a figure or architectural elements and type that pertained to the story.

Using your sketches from this week and sketches from next week as reference, illustrate a decorative border.

It is recommended that you feature an intricate pattern of flora or fauna intertwined with an architectural feature or figure (you may also include type).

Using the pen show texture, render mass and tone.

View these artists’ work to inspire you.

Howard Pyle

John Coulth

Aubrey Beardsley

Materials needed are Micron technical pen or a technical pen of your choice on Bristol board.

Illustration size: Choose one of the following formats.

Two 2×8 columns (vertical), two 8×2 rows (horizontal) or one “L-shaped”


Sept. 21: Sketches in sketchbook due.

Sept. 28: Critique for: Decorative Ink Border

howard pyle robin hood

Howard Pyle’s Robin Hood

14178 FairyBookAdams ill2

Puss in Boots



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